Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cupcake, the Favorite Cakes By World Celebrity


Have you counting the amount of calories in cupcake? Some good information that source from the website of Bakery Indonesia, in one cupcake is contain between 500 and 800 calories level, then if we compare it with daily calorie needs of a woman between 1500 to 1800 calories in a day, the amount of calories contained in cupcake is small to meet what human needs in a day. However, due to the cupcake as the cake only as dessert, Emilia E. Achmadi MS, RD as the nutrition experts in Indonesia said if the amount of calories in a cupcake is high.

Although known as a kind of cake which high in calories, but it was not to scare the celebrities who made the cupcake as the favorite cake. According the information at, some celebritie name who loves cupcake, Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton, Jake Gyllenhaal, Katie Holmes including Oprah Winfrey, most celebrities who loved the cupcake in many kind of flavor such as vanilla, strawberry, cinnamon and more.

Are there any tips to make a healthy cupcake so that more nutrients than calories contained in a cupcake? First, you can use spices as materials in cupcake, other tips is such as the explanation given by nutrition experts, Emilia E. Achmadi MS, RD on the site Bakery Indonesia, replace white sugar with the use of palm sugar and fruit juice, then as quoted from, healthy cupcake ingredients may also use whey protein. So, what your favorite cupcake flavor which always make from the kitchen?